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Customized and Project Forwarding

Deliver more value and quality with uncompromising precision.

Save time and costs while reducing packaging required for a more sustainable approach to increasing delivery demands. Apex Logistics manages the details with a robust mix of value-added services—from Bills of materials to Stock Keeping Units—so you can focus on your customer journey.

  • Eliminate unnecessary shipping and packaging costs with our kitting services
  • Trust our fulfillment experts to drive value and efficiency across your product lines
  • Fuel customer loyalty with accuracy and consistency with Apex managing Bills of Material (BOM)
  • Improve precision and increase profits while Apex manages your Stock Keeping Units (SKU)
  • Accelerate order picking and kitting assembly with our Vertical Carousel
  • Alleviate tedious, unnecessary mailing costs and processes with our Vertical Lift Module (VLM)—combining picking and packing for faster outcomes
  • Mitigate risks and vulnerabilities with comprehensive product inspection and compliance
  • Support sustainability and your bottom line with product rework and recycling

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